Here to help you save money on rates.

In 2023, Uvid was started by veterans of the Payments industry under a simple premise: Help businesses save money by understanding, evaluating and renegotiating their processing rates.

Companies have saved on average 32% in yearly processing fees after consulting with Uvid.

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“The COVID-19 Pandemic had just ended, brick & mortar businesses were either struggling or had been forced to close. These physical businesses are the lifeblood of the economy.”

Pete W.
Founder/CEO of Uvid

These businesses make people feel alive and, after being stuck in our homes for 2+ years, people yearn to get out into the world. However, these independently-owned businesses often operate on razor-thin margins. Their customers don’t want to pay in cash, but they pay their Payment Processors a fee every time their customers decided to swipe, chip or tap.

Uvid was created to help these businesses.

These credit card fees charged by Payment Processors are often varied, complex, lack transparency, increase without warning and are seemingly decided arbitrarily. Business owners do not know how to navigate this world.

They know how to serve delicious food, sell incredible goods or provide high quality services. Uvid serves as a trusted advisor to help them understand these rates and how to gain control of them to save you money and protect your bottom line.

Financial advisor showing a business owner details
Financial advisor showing a business owner details

Get the rates your business needs.

Don’t wait to make a change, Uvid can save you thousands in processing fees.

Companies have saved on average 32% within months of consulting with us.

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